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Ukraine Has Got Its First Community Backed Restaurant. And It’s Delicious!

The Ukrainian city of Ivano-Frankivs’k is a warm pal of Lviv. Located 130km south, it takes only 2,5 hours by train to get from one city to another. Although, Lviv’s reputation of the city of architecture, culture, and coffee shops has been already established for years, Ivano-Frankivs’k is catching up fast. Thanks to its local charm, close proximity to the Carpathian Mountains and more recently, to its social innovations.


The following is a translation from Ukrainian of an article extract by Typical IF, about the city’s recent enterprise that quickly became famous across Ukraine.


Urban Space 100 –  is a social enterprise, in a form of a restaurant. It’s different because all of income the restaurant gets is being spent on other community projects in the city.


This is the first community restaurant in Ukraine. The founders of the project are 100 contributors, who will decide in which city development projects the income should be invested. Every founder made a donation of $1000. The combined sum was spent to launch the restaurant.
Urban Space 100 is a modern restaurant that was created not to earn money, but to reach social goals, this is why it’s a true community restaurant. Its purpose is to transform Ivano-Frankivs’k into a modern “warm city”, in which one would want to live and to return to. And also to give an example for other cities”, – says a representative of the “Warm City” initiative Viktor Zagreba.


Accordingly to him, the restaurant has already become a platform for urban initiatives, which are making the city better. It’s a place for presentations, projects discussion, learning from other successful cities around the globe, and other non-commercial events open for all locals. For such events the space is provided for free.


You can also check Urban Space 100 on Foursquare

The article originally appeared in Typical IF. Translated by NovaEuropa.


We would like to add here, that Urban Space 100 restaurant is part of the “Warm City” initiative, which unites local people and businesses of Ivano-Frankivs’k. Other projects of the “Warm City” include developing the city visual brand, street design, cycling promotion, and creating playgrounds for kids.


Last but not the least, the restaurant has a quirky little menu and serves delicious food, coffee, and desserts. Vegetarian friendly, and all 5 stars. It’s definitely worth paying a visit when you are in town.


And there are many more reasons to visit Ivano-Frankivs’k. Especially if you are already in Lviv. Follow our blog for more interesting stories about the Warm City.


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