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The first pop-up community garden of Kyiv

Members of the initiative group “Podolyanochka” have created a small garden on the corner of the streets Spas’ka and Volos’ka in Kyiv. About 100 pallets and 80 boxes with flowers was brought to the territory of the future “Samosad” garden during the morning of the 16th of May.


This is a translation of two articles from Ukrainian, about the pop-up garden, and its first street food event. Originally published by Hmarochos.


The team “Pylorama” has also joined the creation of the garden. They are going to make a lumber bench around a tree.

To remove a view on a dump near “Samosad” from sight the activists come up with an idea to create a vertical garden.

That is how the garden will look like when all tasks are completed.

Organisers say that after this intervention, they plan to organise various events in the garden for the whole summer. For example, there is an idea to offer visitors food of the local street.


Employees of ZhEK (local public utilities) and the administrations of nearby сafes and restaurants reacted very positively on the creation of the pop-up garden on the former wasteland. Now activists want to organize a permanent watering for “Samosad” to make sure that flowers and grass would not dry up in summer.


It should be noted that this is the first community garden in Kyiv, created by the volunteers and activists. It was made by a quick, inexpensive intervention. Although, it needs a lot of people to bring it to life.


The first event in the garden took place on the 24th of May and was called the “Samosad Weekend. A day of street food from Podil people and local businesses.”


В суботу ми добудували сцену, а в неділю це гарненько відсвяткували фестивалем вуличної їжі від жителів і місцевих закладів

Posted by Samosad on 25 Май 2015 г.


The guests were treated with fish sandwiches, grilled ribs, vegan rice, cakes and sweets, cold drinks based on cocoa and delicious non-alcoholic cocktails.


A piano and a guitar helped to entertain the crowd. Everyone could play the instruments on the open stage of Samosad.

Activists have promised to hold a similar event every two weeks during the summer.


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