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Impact Hub Odesa Review

There is a place where the world is changing. This place is in Odesa. Hub – it’s a unique fusion of knowledge, ideas, and experience. It’s an intersection of social life, government, and business. Our friends say: “You’ve got an idea? – bring it to Hub”. Here, you will meet people who will support any initiative to find a solution to a social problem together. Here, the borders are erased between renowned lecturers and people who only start their business. Useful contacts happen naturally, all what’s needed is to share a cup of coffee together. And if you become an observer for just a moment, it’s easy to see the lit up eyes of every resident of the place, how people greet each other with hugs, and share the ideas on the spot. In such moments, it’s easy to believe in the possibility to create a bright future while sitting in the comfortable room with a cup of a ginger tea.


Impact Hub Odessa


The main mission of the Impact Hub Odessa – is the support of social initiatives, so valuable for the development of the city and its cultural and educational growth. For example, the first in our city social Pottery Studio was created here. The platform of Impact Hub Odesa – is a combination of multifunctional office space and a cozy home. There are brain-storming sessions, conferences and trainings, and the never ending flow of thoughts, leading to action. Huge whiteboards, flip-charts, and conference rooms full of life from mornings to late evenings. Impossible? Then doable, – in Impact Hub Odesa.


Impact Hub Odessa


On the ground floor, you will find the doors of the Hub Living Room. Working days here are a way more pleasant than in boring offices. The fact that people are willing to share ideas is transforming the space instantly and unconsciously: it becomes easier to work in a hot weather, more fun to work in a group, and the breaks are testier. With laptops and tablets, with headphones and notepads, making notes, and highlighting the important bits. Here, the visitors are finding joy in little things while working fast and efficiently. Hub Living Room – it’s a meeting point for creatives, ready to inspire each other for new discoveries. Thanks to the meetings with more experienced people, youngsters get more interested in social projects, become part of the team, and everything that is being created here is useful. Such as a corner of the Harms bookstore (“Хармс” – Ukrainian).


You pay for time spent at Hub Living Room, all drinks included. There are gigs, English games, and educational games on the weekends. While the film nights are on Fridays.


Story by Tatiana Kostina, Inga Gezalyan. Photos by Olga Makuh. The article is originally published in the La Boussole Magazine in Russian. Translated by NovaEuropa.


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