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3 Picturesque Carpathian Villages Near Lviv

Carpathian’s is not only picturesque mountains, dense forests, beautiful natural landscapes, but also a soft climate and healing mineral springs. We have chosen three villages on a map of the Carpathian region in Ukraine, which are easy to get to from Lviv. We focused on natural beauty and wellbeing activities.


This is an extract from an article by Vsviti. Translated from Ukrainian and adapted by NovaEuropa. 




A small village and a resort in Lviv region. Situated in the valley of Shidnychanka river, 600 metres above the sea level. Green mountains are all around it. The air here has a low level of oxygen and is saturated with the aroma of pine-trees and healing herbs, which has a positive effect on blood circulation.


Shidnycya is quite unique, as it’s the only place in Europe that has around 40 springs with different types of mineral waters. There are also the deposits of therapeutic mud.


The village has many resorts, wellness centres, cottages, and guest houses. For those on a tight budget, it’s possible to rent accommodation from locals, who will also introduce you to local traditions.


Private accommodation pricing is from 50 UAH per night or 200 UAH for all included option (with 3 meals a day). Neighbourhood excursions cost from 60 UAH (Tustan fortress). Day tours from 300 UAH (mineral springs, castles, cheese tour). You can also order a mud therapy from 60 to 100 UAH.


Shidnycia - NovaEuropa


You can get to Shidnycia via Lviv on a bus which departs from a square in the front of the main train station. There is also an option to travel by train “Kyiv to Truskavec”, and change for a bus to Shidnycia.




More than a village, it’s actually a regional centre. Skole is located on the bank of the Opir river. The mountains here are covered with relict fir and beech forest.


You can enjoy outdoor activities in the national natural park “Skole Beskydy”: climb the Parashka mountain, visit the waterfalls Kamyanka and Gurkalo, go mushrooms and berries picking, swim or raft in the Opir river. Plus, there are plenty of the healing springs.


Similarly to other Carpathian villages, you can find accommodation in the private sector, or book a hotel room for a very reasonable price.


A small private house will cost you from 60 to 200 UAH (excluding the meals), and a twin room in a hotel from 300 UAH (the meals are available in the hotel restaurants, around 100 UAH per person per day). And there are free excursions: forest walks, waterfall tours, berries picking tours. Many hotels are equipped with a sauna, BBQ, and other leisure facilities.


Skole Beskydy. Wikipedia photo by Садлівський.
Skole Beskydy. Wikipedia photo by Садлівський.


You can get to Skole by train or a bus from Lviv.




This village is set in the Transcarpathia, slightly beyond Lviv’s region. It is mainly known for its ski resort, but there is plenty to do in summer too. The Ploshanka river is crossing the village. Nearby, is one of the most picturesque waterfalls of the Carpathian’s, – Shypit, or the Whisper.


Just 7km away, in another village called Kelychyn, a unique spring of a rare natural sparkling water. It has a healing effect on human digestion organs, cardiovascular system, as well as for treating anaemia and women health problems.


There are plenty of hotels, cafes, and spa centres for your comfort. The cost of accommodation is within 120 to 150 UAH, including meals. Often the hospitable owners will make a discount for kids under the age of 12, and for the tourists.


Pylypycia village. Photo by Любомир Тригубишин.
Pylypycia village. Photo by Любомир Тригубишин.


You can get to Pylypycia on a train Lviv – Mukachevo, or Kyiv – Chop. Get off at the Valovec station and get a bus to the Pylypycia village.


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