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5 Great Places for Camping and Eco-Travel in the Central Ukraine

The summer sun and the long-awaited vacation bring an intense desire for travelling and new vivid moments. Of course, you can enjoy your vacation on a beach, but there is an alternative. Try something new, – discover spectacular and unexplored corners of Ukraine. Ukrainian holidays in the summer of 2015 promise to be extraordinary.


Here is an overview of various options for leisure travel in the central Ukraine. Regardless of which one you choose, you can’t go wrong with any of these destinations.


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Bukskiy canyon. A wonderful alternative to holidays by the sea.


Bukskiy Canyon. Photo by
Bukskiy Canyon. Photo by


Located in a picturesque village of Buky in Cherkasy region, on the river Mountain Tikych. It surrounded by the dramatic cliffs and waterfalls, and next to the remainder of the first hydroelectric power station in Ukraine. All this gives the place an incredible charm. Far from any civilization, it’s a great spot for camping.


Transport advice: We recommend getting there by car. Alternatively, there is a bus departing from the city of Zhashkiv.

Price: pay only for travel expenses.


The Blue Lakes. Known for its crystal clear blue water, sandy costs, and wonderful nature.


Blue Lakes. Photo by
Blue Lakes. Photo by


The lakes are located in Oleshnya village, of Chernihivskyi region. There is also a campsite next to the Large Blue Lake. With its own beach, a grill bar, playgrounds, and water attractions. Although, the accommodation won’t be a premium quality, you get a wooden cabin with a bed or a camping set. Self-catering only.


Transport advice: There is a bus from Kyiv and Chernihiv to Ripka village. From Ripka to Oleshnya is another 30km (use taxi or a local bus).

Pricing: 50 UAH per night with your own camp. To rent a camp set is 7 UAH. To rent a wooden lodge is 200 UAH.


Villages for eco tourism


Vinnytsia countryside. Photo by
Vinnytsia countryside. Photo by


There are great places for ecological tourism in Vinnytsia province. Villages like Kanava, Gubnyk, Garmaky, are a few to mention. You can stay in a cottage, or in a traditional clay house. Enjoy the fresh air, fresh milk, and outdoor picnics.


By the way, In the Vinnytsia city itself, you can see the famous fountains, learn about Ukrainian and Cossacks’ traditions, and enjoy the charm of its beautiful city.


Transport advice: get to Vinnytsia on a train or a bus. Then get a bus to one of the villages.

Pricing: from 70 UAH per person.


“Chacky Head”. A place of a stunning natural beauty in Zhytomyrs’ky canyon.


Chacky Head. Photo by
Chacky Head. Photo by


On the banks of the river Teteriv, you will see bizarre cliffs covered in trees, one of which looks like a human head. Its name is “Chacky Head”. Although, it’s not clear who Chacky was. The surrounding nature provides opportunities for picnics, as well as for climbing.


Transport advice: get on a train or a bus to Jytomyr.

Pricing: private accommodation starts from 140 UAH.


Sholohovskyi waterfall swimming


Sholohovsky waterfall. Photo by
Sholohovsky waterfall. Photo by


Ukrainian summer is a great time for outdoor swimming. Sholohovskyi (aka Tokivskyi) waterfall, or the ‘Red stones’, is 55km away from Nikopol, or 100km from Dnipropetrovsk. The length of this natural wonder is around 14m. The waterfall is cascading on the bizarre rocks, but it’s easy to find a spot for swimming.


Transport advice: We recommend getting there by car. Alternatively, there is a bus departing from the city of Nikopol.

Price: pay only for travel expenses.


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