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Is It Safe To Travel To Ukraine?

Ukraine’s popularity as an attractive tourist destination has been growing steadily. That is until the social unrest that began at the end of 2013. It’s only natural that after listening to disturbing news reports, many travellers became worried about how safe it is to visit the country.


The truth is, however, it’s perhaps the best time to visit Ukraine. The military conflict affects only part of its east territory. The majority of the country is safe and wide open for travellers. And with the value of local currency plummeted, you can afford for your Pound, Dollar or Euro more than in any other European country.


In fact we need travellers more than ever. First of all travellers bring cash that supports the local economy. And secondly, many foreigners who visited Ukraine and talked to local people become the advocated of the country in the world.


So, yes, it’s safe and cool to visit most of Ukraine. Also, check out Three Reasons Why This Is The Best Time To Visit Ukraine.


Flickr photo by Andriy Baranskyy 

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